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Balancing Social Media Content

MAY 16, 2020

Social media content can not only create brand awareness, but also build a brand community and be a strong lead gen channel. Many brands are confused as to how to balance branding, social responsibility and sales generation content. Let’s have a look inside this ever changing balance of social posts.

The long standing goal of social media marketing is increased brand awareness and client interaction. The voice and consumer connection is the key to building a brand in traditional and digital scope. This is the most important task for community management on social media- the voice. The voice needs to be clear and able to pivot to the change in market, change in product offering and most of all, be authentic. Tone, word choice and the emotion is more important than ever as our world goes digital.

Be a conversation starter and build a rapport with your audience. Engagement is not just about the likes and numbers. Engagement is about conversation, and this is what people are craving most at this moment. Let your audience talk and as the brand, make sure to listen. Brands can learn a lot by listening to the conversations on their posts.

What is the proportion of direct focused posts? Less than 30% of social media posts should be specifically focused on a product or service. What is most important is to understand who your target customer The key to connecting and engaging people on social media is to make the posts connect with people. According to some experts, 80% of social content should focus on the consumer. Content should always be relevant to the overall business and in line with the voice and ethos of the brand.

Building a brand through social media is important. Have a strategy is a must. Doing it correctly is essential.